Discovered: The Secret To Cats' Cries • Brides Forced To Undergo Virginity Test

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• Scientists in the UK have discovered that cats are more manipulative than we think; felines frequently embed a meow or yowl for food within their purrs, which creates a weird combination of happy-needy that humans readily respond to. •


• A Massachusetts-based research team reports the reason why HIV progresses faster in women than in men: The receptor molecule that recognizes the virus responds differently in women, which leads to further differences in T cell activation. • An eco-minded brothel in Berlin has decided to follow the trend and go green by offering discounts to customers who arrive on bicycles. It's a nice thought, but we hope they don't take it too far and start recycling prophylactics. • Ugh: 12 women in Sudan were arrested for wearing trousers, and several have already been flogged in punishment, reports a journalist who was arrested alongside the other "indecently dressed" ladies. • You know how sleeping dogs in Disney movies always seem to be dreaming about chasing something? Researchers from the University of Barcelona noticed the disturbed dreams and diagnosed the pups with sleep disorder RBD. • The presidential beehive has produced its first batch of honey, according to beekeeper Charlie Brandts. The official honey of the White House apparently looks "splendid" and tastes great with a citrus-y flavor. • 151 brides in India were forced to undergo manual virginity examinations by a government-employed gynecologist before they were cleared to participate in a mass wedding. The wedding was part of a government sponsored program to provide poor young women with husbands and a small dowry. "Since there is money involved, many women, try to take advantage," said an official of the required examinations. • So-called "alpha" women earn 4% more than their "passive" coworkers, a new study claims. They also found that "neurotic" women suffer from their womanly neuroses and earn 3% less. The researchers conclude that women benefit from "alpha male-like" behavior, and thus should try to act "masculine" at work rather than "nice." (Sorry for the excess of quotes, but this "study" seems to require them.) • After spending two decades imprisoned in her home, Burmese democratic leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has begun to fall out of the public eye, and many members of the younger generation view her as a historical icon rather than a living political figure. Suu Kyi is currently facing trial for violating the terms of her house arrest; however, the trial has been temporarily postponed. • Several ballsy members of Congress have banded together to form a bipartisan women's softball team. "Some of us have thought about playing baseball, but they take it so seriously. If I'm going to commit to be out at 7 a.m. practices, I'm going to want to play at some point. And they're so damn competitive - I know the odds of one of us getting in the game is slim," said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. •



Aung San Suu Kyi was one of the five "heroes" I wrote about in 8th grade. I read an article about her in "Parade" and cried for hours. I can still remember the pictures of her sons and husband accepting her Peace Prize for her and of her giving a speech from behind the gate of her house. She's amazing.


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