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Dirty Diaper Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing

Illustration for article titled Dirty Diaper Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing

There's a new kind of dirty bomb we need to worry about while flying: poopy diapers. A Qantas plane was in mid-air between Darwin and Brisbane, Australia earlier this week when passengers began complaining that something smelled strange. Airline procedures dictate that the plane has to land ASAP when that happens, so they made an emergency stop in Mt. Isa. It was there that they determined the foul odor was coming from a dirty diaper that someone had thrown away in the bathroom nearest the cockpit. I shit you not. If making an emergency landing wasn't hassle enough, it then turned out that the Mt. Isa airport couldn't handle the large Boeing 767; so the passengers had to be removed from the plane using a forklift, which could only carry down five of them at a time. It took two hours to get everybody off the plane, and eventually a new plane took them to their destination. After that ordeal, the babies on that flight must have been getting some serious side eye.


Qantas Flight Grounded By Dirty Diaper [HuffPo]

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I just flew with two cats as my carry-ons and I was absolutely terrified and on edge the entire flight that they'd poop and we'd have to land or people would start complaining. I kept waiting for a foul smell, but thankfully it never came. It sounds horrible, but I read that you're not supposed to feed animals 5-6 hours prior to flying. I did that (water only) and they were great. I feel for the dirty diaper culprit.