Dina Lohan Wants Russian Grandkids, and She Wants Them Now

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Dina Lohan might have her daughter Lindsay Lohan’s soul trapped in a gilded cage with only a bottle of whiskey for company, but it looks like that isn’t enough for the 21st century’s answer to Mama Rose. She wants a new star attraction for her human menagerie. And that thing that she wants is Russian grand-babies.


According to TMZ, DiLo is a big fan of LiLo’s current boyf, Russian real estate developer Egor Tarabasov—so much so that she’s been telling her friends and loved ones that she wants him to knock her daughter up, stat.

I’m still ostensibly stuck in the golden days of LiLo + SamRo (AKA ex-girlfriend and DJ Samantha Ronson, who received drunk dials from Lindsay in January on the reg, as per Radar Online), so this means nothing to me.

Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., might not have the effervescently orange perma-tan that his father does, but he sure has Daddy’s opinions, as well as the same propensity towards Twitter cat-fighting. Case in point? Dude decided to get into a beef with singer John Legend on the social media site.

The war of the words began when Junior decided to comment on the cancelled Trump rally in Chicago on March 11.


Legend decided to share his own thoughts on the matter with some pretty sound logic.


Junior then pulled an #AllLivesMatter move:


But Legend fired back:


After the media began to report of the Twitter brawl, Legend took to Twitter again to share his thoughts on the matter.


I’m going to go ahead and say John Legend: 1, Junior: 0. [Cosmopolitan]

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I feel like this buries the best part of the beef, where a Drumpf supporter called John Legend uneducated (because of course) and he responded, “actually the Donald and I graduated from the same university”. Daaaaaamn. You couldn’t plan for a more perfect burn.