There's this site called Dig a Tech Girl, (which used to be called Dig a Silicon Valley Girl, before they were issued a cease and desist from Digg) that's sort of like Hot or Not for geeks who like geeks... sort of. As Boinkology points out: "...Many of these tech girls were chosen more on the basis of appearance than any tech skills — even nominal ones." For example, Attack of the Show! co-host Olivia Munn, or Time Out New York columnist Julia Allison who was nominated apparently because she "was in the valley for a few days in the summer and caused quite a stir." Uh, oh-kay. But perhaps more insulting was the inclusion of this in Ms. Allison's description: "Good looking but a bit empty in the head." So is this what constitutes a "tech girl"? And is that what would make someone "dig" her?

While we sort of like the idea of dispelling stereotypes — such as the assumption that techies are all ugly trolls — we're also annoyed that even girls who clearly have it going on upstairs are made to feel like they don't measure up if they don't have it going on in every other physical aspect. Particularly because real tech girls (some of whom are actually on the site, like Megan McCarthy, party correspondent for our brother site Valleywag) work in jobs that don't put them in the public eye, offering up their imperfections for scrutiny. Also, anyone can nominate a girl for this site without her approval. But if you really wanna barf, check out the brother site Dig a Tech Guy, where the same emphasis of good looks is not at play.


Dig a Tech Girl

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