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Dieting Now Available With Side Of Guilt About The Plight Of The Less-Fortunate

Illustration for article titled Dieting Now Available With Side Of Guilt About The Plight Of The Less-Fortunate

Not to be self-referential or anything, but since our bosses started threatening us about this blog actually going "live," we have eaten:

  • Kashi Go Lean Crunch (approx. 1/3 box)
  • Yogurt
  • Coffee
  • Trader Joe's chunky peanut butter, from spoon
  • Coffee
  • Apple cinnamon rice cakes (2)

Thus far, pro forma or whatever, we've spent about $6.18 on food this week, and total coincidence: 26 million Americans — and a bunch of, er, curvy politicians [One of whom is Anna's congressman! -Ed.] — are on our same exact diet!


And the politicians, anyway, are losing weight — especially Tim Ryan of Ohio, who got all his peanut butter and jelly confiscated by the TSA. (And is also kind of a hottie!) It's all thanks to the initiatives of the House Hunger Caucus, which recently decided to remind everyone that food stamps limit recipients to $3 or $4 a day, which might be okay with Elle's Anne Slowey but we personally would rather have a fucking pizza than visible bones since it's not like we're leaving our houses anytime soon.

Pangs of Hunger — And A Bit Of Guilt [Washington Post]
A Little Pasta Goes A Long Way [MTV]

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okay, I'm still re-reading and processing this post, hoping for that eureka moment during which I'll deduce the information that the editors are trying (whether cryptically by intent or not) to communicate.

But I have to say that their diet to date sounds totally delicious to me. I often combine those ingredients in some form as a daiy meal (yogurt and kashi cereal). And one of my closest friends takes pride in her spooning-peanut-butter-from-the jar meals. Admittedly, I'm pretty grossed out by double-dipping spoonfuls, and especially if the spoon is intermittently dipped into other food items such as jelly or that strange marshmellow concoction. But I'm finding myself rambling in a dangerously similar way to this post.