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Diet Packs Will Make You Eat More • Female Shoppers Love Food Courts

Illustration for article titled Diet Packs Will Make You Eat More • Female Shoppers Love Food Courts

Diet or calorie-portioned packs of snack food are actually counterproductive since they make people believe they can eat more of the unhealthy food inside. • New trend? New York City is welcoming its first vaginal fitness spa, meant to tighten women up, down there. • Environmentalist and author, Robert Engelman, says that access to birth control can control global warming because it prevents adding climate-destroying humans to the already massive population. • Celebrity assistants are apparently as narcissistic and bizarrely secretive as their famous employers. • Hey! My tallys of non-white models on fashion runways and in magazines got a mention in the WSJ! Oh, and fashion insiders are patting themselves on the back for dedicating a special Vogue issue to black models.


• A woman claims her fake breast was damaged when it was struck by a fake apple being thrown around the pool area of a La Quinta Inn. Women are saving less than men for retirement, in large part because because they are paid less. • Shopping mall developers are asking women directly what they want out of their shopping experience (answer: more food!).

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@I'm Chuck Bass: Seriously, you know how one can get a hundred calorie snack? EAT 100 portions! This can be achieved through a measuring cup or some self control...

Full disclosure, I ate a 100 calorie pack of popcorn today, but that takes no more packaging than a NON- 100 calorie pack AND I can't finish a big bag.