Diet Coke Addicts, Beware: Diet Coke Frost Is Coming for You

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Do you like Diet Coke? Do you like brain freeze? Congrats! Today is your lucky day. Meet Diet Coke Frost Cherry.

This new product from the Coca-Cola company is basically just a cherry Coke-flavored Slurpee, but diet. It's the diet part that counts. As the company puts it, Diet Coke Frost Cherry is "the first frozen offering in Diet Coke's 31-year history."

The L.A. Times reports that the 30-calorie-per-20-oz.-serving concoction is now available at 7-Eleven, although when their writer when to find one, she could not. ("Maybe tomorrow," a cashier said.)


While there's obviously no way this thing can capture the sharp chemically sweet bubbly effervescent metallic tang of regular old canned Diet Coke, come summer when we deal with the Death Valley Apex (or whatever the opposite of a polar vortex is), it might end up having a certain allure.

Image via Coca-Cola.

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That sounds amazing. Too bad I quit drinking Diet Coke about two months ago. For those of you Diet Coke addicts out there thinking of quitting, two things: (i) there are some serious physical withdrawl consequences, like fatigue and a CONSTANT headache; and (ii) once you get past that, you feel amazing and, strangely, look like you've lost about five to ten pounds.