Did You Know Giant Fearsome Cougars Make Adorable Baby Kitten Noises!?

I've spent my whole life living in a place where lots of cougars also live, so for my own safety I was raised to RESPECT THE COUGAR. Cougars are not "cute." Cougars are not giant kitties. Cougars are majestic, dangerous beasts that are probably sitting in a tree above you right now waiting to drop down and fasten their giant jaws around the back of your stupid little neck.


Or, TL;DR: The operative word in "mountain lion" is LION.

But that was before I saw this video of a bunch of cougars in a Florida sanctuary waiting for their dinner. Did you know that cougars chirp? Like adorable baby robot kittens!?!? Did you know that they squeak and purr?

Via TheDodo:

These cougars (also called pumas, panthers and mountain lions) may be living at a sanctuary in Florida, but they are just as wild as ever — and getting this close to one in real life might end poorly for you. Luckily though, Big Cat Rescue captured some stunningly close footage of the cougars at feeding, giving a great view, without getting near those claws.

I still don't want to get eaten by a cougar, and I still don't think people should keep big cats as pets, and I'm not a fucking idiot, but kindly indulge me in one moment of OH MEE GAAAHHH LOOK AT THE PRECIOUS BAAAAAYBEEEEEEEEZ!!!!! (And anyway, even if I was sincerely drawn to some IRL cougar-snuggling, their transformation back into hissing, raw-meat-shredding claw-monsters at the end of this video is a pretty handy deterrent.)


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As a white girl, I'm filled with an uncontrollable desire to shoot these cats and pose with their corpses for instagram.