Did You Hear About the Dude Who Got Breast Implants To Win a $100,000 Bet?

On the most recent episode of Botched, an American “gambler/magician” named Brian Zembic tells the following story:

Sometime in “1997ish,” he was having dinner with his gambler/sadist friends in Europe when one of them bet him $100,000 that he wouldn’t get breast implants. I assume they thought their gambler/magician friend was more magician than gambler, but, no, it was definitely the other way around—and he took him up on the offer.

When arriving at this particular part of the story, Zembic says, “I knew a plastic surgeon who was also a gambler.” And though that’s a description of someone with whom no one has any business being friends—let alone trusting with major surgery—the gambler/surgeon gave the gambler/magician breast implants, Zenbic claimed his $100,000, and he’s had them ever since.

You can watch him share his truth below.

Image via screengrab.

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imTired™thatisall, Global Socialite

Why is he allowed to show his nipples? Man has boobs and he's not trying to breastfeed anyone so I see zero reason why this is ok if it's not ok for me to let my natural God made breasts out.