Did Whoopi Goldberg Have A Vaginal Spasm On 'The View'?

This morning on The View, Whoopi Goldberg was in the midst of making a statement about the Supreme Court when all of a sudden she shot up and went "Ooh! Excuse me," and then cut to a commercial. Naturally, everyone thought she farted, but upon return from the break, it was revealed that she had a spasm "in places where you don't want that kind of information," which leads our filthy minds to wonder if she actually queefed.

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@Jayne: I've been looking (not so helpful when at work) for some info. on it, haven't found anything helpful. There's something called vaginismus but that is frequent and typically during sex, which isn't how it is for me. I found one article on [isitnormal.com] but my work browser blocked it. Bastards! Isn't it amazing the things you learn while sitting behind a computer screen!?