As part of their On the Run tour — which mostly serves as a safe space for Jay Z and Beyoncé to share home videos and other remembrances — the couple showed a slideshow of celebrity mug shots. A featured member of that slideshow was none other than Justin Bieber, prompting Teen Twitter to beat its breast and gnash its teeth in fury and confusion.

Footage of the concert shows Jay Z performing "H to the Izzo" while a procession of celebrity mug shots flash in the background. At one point he yells, "Poof," the music cuts out, and Bieber's giant grinning face appears — eliciting cheers from the crowd. Apparently, Beyoncé then told the gathered masses, "Even the greatest can fall." Justin Bieber: the greatest among us. Justin Bieber: The Once and Future King.

Anyway, some Bieber fans (who, against all odds, still exist out there in the universe) took offense; others were sort of excited. The Biebs himself retweeted a photo of Jay Z performing beneath the giant mug shot, so I think it's safe to assume that he's not too upset about it. [NY Daily News, Mirror]

The cast of Orange Is the New Black had a float at the NYC pride parade, and it was amazing. LOOK HOW MUCH FUN THEY ARE. (Laverne Cox served as the parade's grand marshal. :') ) [HuffPo]

After making another irritating public gesture of contrition to "win his estranged ex-wife back" (which is garbage-human speak for "sell records") by performing a song entitled "Forever Love" at the BET Awards, Robin Thicke tweeted a photo of him and Paula Patton back in the halcyon days. You know, the good old times before he got famous and cheated on her a ton. Sigh. [Bossip]

  • During this interview, Cara Delevingne's bunny peed twice. [Telegraph]
  • Orlando Bloom flaunted some very low-rise sweat pants at the beach. [DListed]
  • Ok, I know I already told you that Olivia Palermo got secret-married and I'm sorry to keep bringing it up, but I am now seeing reports she wore a cashmere sweater as a wedding dress. [E!]
  • Indio Downey, son of Robert Downey Jr., has been arrested for cocaine possession. [Page Six]
  • Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had so much fun watching a sport while wearing sports paraphernalia and kissing intermittently. [NY Daily News]
  • Eminem's daughter Hailie graduated high school with honors. [Hello]
  • Prince Harry says Prince George looks like "a young Winston Churchill," which I think is the only thing you're legally allowed to compare the Royal Baby to. [Hello]
  • Animate shit-eating grin Seth MacFarlane will donate $1 million to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter, which is really great. Thank you Seth MacFarlane!! [Newser]
  • Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell went on vacation with fashion photographers Mert and Marcus and it just looks like a Vogue shoot. [PopSugar]
  • Lorde is laying down some hot tracks feat. ghosts. [MTV]

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