Did Natalie Portman Secretly Get Married and Not Tell Us?

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Natalie Portman acts so nice and innocent, but she might be sneakier than she looks. It seems that she and fiancé Benjamin Millepied might have gone and gotten secretly married and not bothered to tell us about it. Should our feelings be hurt? Well, yes, if the wedding-like bands they were both wearing at last night's Oscars are the real deal.


They got engaged last year when she got pregnant with their son, Aleph, who is now seven months old. They're fairly private people, so it makes sense that they might have snuck off and wed in the comfort of a paparazzi-less affair. But still, it might have been nice to send us an announcement after the fact, so we could have sent them a gift—like his and hers embroidered Black Swan bathrobes or something classy like that. [Us]

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You ever get a little tipsy and drop $50,000 on something? Probably happens to you all the time, and that's exactly what Katy Perry did last night at Elton John's post-Oscars bash. She apparently started bidding on a set of cooking lessons during the charity auction portion of the evening, and soon she and movie producer Steve Tisch were bidding against each other. The pair eventually agreed to split the lessons for $100,000 total. For that amount, they'd better teach her to make something better than your average chicken dish. [Us]

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Some good news from Uma Thurman's little corner of the world: She's expecting a third child. Uma already has two children with former husband Ethan Hawke, but the father of this baby is her boyfriend Arpad Busson. She'd been doing the telltale wearing of baggy clothes, so we should have guessed. But now we don't have to since her rep has confirmed that there's a baby-in-the-making hiding under there. [People]

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New Yorkers, brace yourselves. Lindsay Lohan is about to arrive in our fair city, and who knows what kind of madness she'll unleash. For one thing, she's agreed to a "no holds barred" interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show, and then she'll also be hosting Saturday Night Live this coming weekend, which could provide us with some classic LiLo moments. Let the fun begin! [Radar]

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Wow, it's looking like Brad Pitt isn't the only thing Angelina Jolie stole from Jennifer Aniston; she also stole—or at least heavily borrowed from—Jen's 2010 Golden Globes look. Awww, snap. OK, to be fair, approximately one gazillion actresses have worn black dresses with high leg slits to awards shows, so this probably was not a direct assault launched by Angelina to upset Jen, but it is way less boring if you think about it that way. So, let your conscience be your guide. [Us]

  • Speaking of Angelina's leg flash, her father, Jon Voight, thought it was hilarious and great:

    She's fantastic. And what a funny turn, you know, standing there putting her leg out. It's so cute, you know, and the audience responded and then she laughed. I mean, it was great. A nice moment.

    Good to know he's not one of those strict dads, I guess. [Access Hollywood]

    And, now one last thing about Angelina Jolie: If we are to believe Twitter—and, I assure you, we are not—Angelina needs to eat a cheeseburger. There was a whole lotta bodysnarking going on in tweets regarding her thinness, and it's angered some people, probably including Angelina, because who wouldn't get annoyed if a bunch of strangers were constantly telling you you had to eat more cheeseburgers? [Bitch Media]

    George Clooney revealed two new details about the supposedly epic prank he's plotting to pull on Brad Pitt. He told VH1 that a) "It's not (expensive)," and b) "It just takes patience." Well, that doesn't really narrow it down, but, as you may recall, he says it could end Pitt's career. So it's probably worth all the patience we have to hold out for it. [BWE]

    Jean Dujardin swore in French while accepting his Oscar last night, and his mother was not too happy with him. After the awards, she said, "I don't like, I don't like." Hopefully he can make it up to her by buying her a house or something with all his newfound mega-fame money. [Contact Music]

    Miley Cyrus had some Oscar night drama. She was on her way to some post-show bashes when she got some alleged death threats on Twitter. They've since been deleted, but that didn't stop her from tangling with her online enemy: "I wont tolerate someone telling me 2 die. Twitter needs to take some responsibility and make it a safe environment." Good luck with that, girl. But at least everything turned out OK, and she seemed to enjoy the rest of her evening. [E!]

    Gerard Butler turned up at some Oscar parties post-rehab looking healthy and fit. Keep up the good work, G-money. [E!]

    Beyonce has now taken Blue Ivy™ out in public twice. This latest time the tiny lady was seen wrapped in a snazzy leopard print blanket. I must admit, I never thought we'd see Blue Ivy out on the town so early, but maybe Beyonce just wasn't into being a prisoner in her own home. Can't really blame her. [Us']

    Here are some very interesting photos of Lady Gaga before she was Lady Gaga as we know her today. [CNN]

    Whitney Houston's final movie, Sparkle, could be coming out even earlier than originally planned. It seems people are working "around the clock" to finish it, and it's being kept on lockdown to prevent any leaks. [TMZ]

    A few days it ago, it was announced that Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel had a new baby daughter. Well, now we can see what she looks like, and we even know her name, Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary—but you can just call her the Duchess of Ostergotland. [Us]

    Rest assured, Mr. Bean is not dead. Twitter tried to trick us all into thinking he was—in it's latest celebrity death hoax—but Rowan Atkinson is very much alive, thank goodness. [E!]



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