Did Misshapes Leigh Lezark Blackball Fellow Internet Celebrity Cory Kennedy?

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Fashion Week Gossip! We thought It Girl Cory Kennedy seemed a little low-key, chastened even, when we ran into her at Glamour's "Fashion Gives Back" party, and now we are beginning to understand why. For one thing, she was reportedly photographed to grace the September cover of Nylon, but something happened and Marilyn Manson's jailbait girlfriend landed on our issues instead. But more disturbingly, another — and irreproachable — source tells us Leigh "Princess Coldstare" Lezark, she of the DJ triumvirate the Misshapes and the countless accompanying media stories about how the Misshapes represent some sort of pinnacle of blah blah asymmetrical hair fashion, has issued a sort of fashion fatwa against Cory after an incident during June's True Colours Tour wherein Cory ate some of Debbie Harry's hummus. According to our source, upon learning of this offense Leigh "made a big production of tearing up Cory's backstage pass, like 'you won't be needing this!'"


Which, you know, sounds like totally understandable behavior, except that Cory is the one who is fucking seventeen years old, and Leigh is 23, and her Myspace headline reads "None of it would happen to me again. I'd seen through it. I elected to grow up." (Boldface ours!) And hummus is made from chickpeas, and eating food could probably do Leigh some good. (Also: having actual fun.) Anyway, we're pretty sure some sort of detente has been reached, since the Misshapes are taking their act to LA and Cory's whole crowd showed up at the last Misshapes, but the gossip was too good (i.e. depressing) not to share. For the record we are Cory partisans, because, duh.

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Having once seen Ms. Kennedy up close, though, I can't imagine anyone begrudging her any type of food, hummus or otherwise. Perhaps Coldstare was upset that Cory didn't eat enough?