Did Lindsay And Justin Have A Secret Hookup?

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  • Did Lindsay Lohan and Justin Timberlake have a one night stand last January? A "source" at Star says yes: "Nobody was supposed to know, but Lindsay can’t help opening her mouth. She’s always thought that Justin is incredibly sexy and has always had a huge crush on him. So when the opportunity to get it on arrived, she says she jumped on it.” [PopCrunch]
  • Joe Simpson continues his reign as creepiest Hollywood dad by dropping gems like this, ""The day she found out she was pregnant, [Ashlee] became a woman." Simpson also hopes that his grandchild, who is due any day now, will call him "Papa Joe." I wonder how Papa Pete feels about that? [People]
  • Is Oprah planning to leave syndication? Her contract expires in 2011, and it is speculated that she'll move her program to the currently-in-development Oprah Winfrey Network. [HuffingtonPost]
  • Sasha Fierce is in the market for an invisible plane: Beyonce says she wants to play Wonder Woman. "It would be great," she tells the LA Times. "And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It's time for that, right?" [People]
  • Kanye West apparently couldn't hold it and decided to pee all over a dressing room floor at the MTV Music Awards in Liverpool. I would make a joke about this, but I don't want Kanye to get all mad and threaten to break my MacBook. [The Sun]
  • ZOMG you guys! LOST is coming back on January 21! The premiere will be a 3 hour event; the first hour will be a recap, followed by 2 hours of new, awesome, incredibly confusing goodness. [EW]
  • Is Amy going to give Blake No-Longer-Incarcerated the boot? According to a "friend," maybe so: “Things are really bad between her and Blake. She doesn’t know any more if he’s the one. It is really sad but this could be the end.” [Mirror]
  • Former Presidential candidate Senator John McCain will hit up The Tonight Show on Monday in honor of Veteran's Day. [MSNBC]
  • Meanwhile, Gov. Sarah Palin will be giving her interviews from home: Greta Van Susteren is set to interview Palin from Alaska for an interview that will be aired this Monday evening on Fox News. [HuffingtonPost]
  • Supermodel Christy Turlington has a new gig: she was recently signed as a Contributing Editor to Marie Claire magazine. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Bill Cosby feels he had a part in helping Barack Obama get to the White House: "I can't negate the theory that the Huxtables on 'The Cosby Show' may have helped pave the way for the Obama family," Cosby says. [LA Times]
  • An early review of Britney Spears' new album is out, apparently the album "takes her bravado to startling new heights."[The Sun]
  • Madonna let off some post-divorce steam at her recent concert in L.A., dedicating a song to "“This song is for you girls out there that have had one of your best friends f*** your boyfriend!” [The Sun]
  • Actress Michelle Monaghan is a new mom: she gave birth to daughter Willow Katherine, last Wednesday. [People]
  • Pete Wentz is speaking out against Prop 8: "Many people were intimidated on this issue due to the scary misleading communications on the other side. I believe that this is, and has always been, a civil rights issue. We should not allow inequality like this in America."[Daily Express]
  • Jennifer Aniston showed up at the Ivy wearing a tight grey tank top, and was "visibly not pregnant." Wacky! My sister was "visibly not pregnant" until her 5th month, but whatevs. If a tank top says it, it must be so. Or not so. Honestly, I can't keep track anymore. [US]



Dear Media,

Please stop giving Sarah Palin airtime. May she be relegated to the corner of history reserved for James Stockdale and Dan Quayle.