Cosmopolitan's newest cover girl, actress Jessica Biel, gets some curious treatment in the new issue of the magazine. First there's the magazine's uniformly-adoring, four-page profile of the "unpredictable" actress, who admits she likes funny guys, has been in a fistfight, and often gets mistaken for Katie Holmes (?!). But a mere 37 pages later, the actress shows up again, this time in a beauty feature about "Beach-Babe Hair", and in a photo notoriously taken while she was famously, and violently, hungover.

Anyone who pays close attention to celebrity news probably heard about the mishap. It was early March, and Biel was in Paris during that city's Fashion Week to attend some runway shows and hit up a few parties... and party she did! But why would Cosmo decide to run a photo of its obviously-ailing cover subject (who reportedly fled the front row of Stella McCartney's show soon after the photo was taken) in a beauty story touting her as "superglam"? Did Jessica beat up the writer who profiled her? Show up at the cover shoot hungover? Then again, women's magazines regularly run beauty and fashion features speckled with paparazzi photos of actual drunks like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, so who are we to judge?
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