Did Heath Ledger Father A Love Child?

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  • Is there a Heath Ledger love child? When Heath was 17, he dated a 25-year-old woman who gave birth to a baby girl after the relationship ended. [People]
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married in the French Quarter Wedding Chapel on Saturday. [Star]
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did not get married and were not even in New Orleans. They were in Texas, where Brad is shooting a film. [People]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker's 5-year-old son James is an Obama supporter. [People]
  • Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Incarcerated, was attacked by fellow inmates in prison because they were convinced he had a secret stash of heroin. Blake has failed three drug tests while in Pentonville Prison and spends a lot of time in solitary confinement. [ONTD]
  • Meanwhile, sources say Amy Winehouse's new album has lyrics that are so dark and bleak it's like "suicidal music." Looking forward to it! [The Sun]
  • Hayden Panettiere was presented with an activism award from the Humane Society for protesting dolphin slaughter in Japan. Hayden says, "As an actress, you always dream of getting awards like the Golden Globe award, but I never expected to get an award that is this special and important to me as this." The dolphins say, "Eeeee iiaaaa iiiiaaa." [People]
  • Kathie Lee Gifford has joined the cast of the Today show. Actual IM exchange: Dodai: EW EW EW EW. Anna: I KNOW. UUUUUGGGGH. [Today]
  • Lindsay Lohan: Black to blonde. [E!]
  • Kate Moss has taken her daughter Lila Grace to Disneyland! [Mirror]
  • American Idol castoff Frenchie Davis will undergo surgery to remove a vocal cord polyp. Be well! [AP]
  • Orlando Bloom and Harrison Ford were among those slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. [Mirror]
  • Tyra Banks hosted the first Annual Fiercee Awards on Friday. The awards honor the women of America's Next Top Model and will air on April 30th. Yeah, you read that right. Fiercee. With two Es. [Concrete Loop]
  • Will Smith's kids are freakin' cute. [Concrete Loop]
  • Rapper Papoose is engaged to rapper Remy Ma and they plan to get married despite the fact that Remy Ma is facing a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. The couple will be married in the prison chapel. Love knows no boundaries! [The.Life Files]
  • Rod Stewart's 27-year-old son Sean has been hanging out with a 19-year-old Hollywood girl named Caleigh and seems to have stolen her car. Classy. [Page Six]
  • Rod Stewart may be leaving England to move to L.A. because it's "a better place to bring up the children." Hahahaha. [Telegraph]
  • Is Ashlee Simpson not doing Saturday Night Live this year because the show doesn't want her back after her 2004 lip sync kerfluffle? Or because her schedule doesn't allow it? [Page Six]
  • Jamie Spears thinks daughter Britney should abandon music for a TV career, since How I Met Your Mother got such high ratings. Good idea? [Page Six]
  • Meanwhile PETA is offering Britney Spears a job as a receptionist. Not a joke. [MSNBC]
  • And Madonna wants to save Britney. [AP]
  • Double trouble: Are Mary-Kate and Ashley feuding over their fortune? [MSNBC]
  • Oh, and Madonna has earned millions with her new album, Hard Candy, even though it hasn't dropped yet: Tracks are being used in ads with major companies like Vodafone, Unilever and Fuji. We are living in a material world. [Telegraph]
  • Not-so-blind item! "Which hip-hop mogul likes to practice nude yoga in a Chelsea gym steam room? His "pathetic" manhood has driven more than a few onlookers into fits of laughter." [Rush & Molloy]
  • A fire at author Tom Clancy's Maryland home caused $10,000 worth of damage. A plot from one of his books? [TMZ]
  • Rapper Tone Loc will play shows at two Detroit-area bars that were scammed out of money by a man posing as his manager. [AP]
  • Ashley Dupre has been asked to join Donald Trump's new reality show which is based on the British series Ladette To Lady. The program, to air on MTV, will attempt to teach ladylike manners to 15 party girls. [UPI]
  • Pete Doherty was seen out and about with his old flame, Nadine Roddy. Oh, and she's a Scientologist. [Mirror]
  • Heather Mills will be a judge in the Miss USA pageant on April 11, joining such qualified luminaries as Joey Fatone and Rob Schneider. [Yahoo News]
  • Johnny Depp is making tons of friends and fans in Crown Point, Indiana, where he shook lots of hands and signed hundreds of autographs after shooting a film. [UPI]
  • Eddie Van Halen's son says his dad is doing great despite his undisclosed medical condition. [People]
  • Biggest Loser contestants Amy and Marty tied the knot Saturday in Charleston, S.C. Congrats! [People]
  • Jack Klugman is suing NBC for profits from Quincy, M.E. — a problem with a contract he signed in 1976. [AP]
  • Chris Brown on Rihanna: "We're not in a relationship or anything." Yeah yeah yeah sure sure. [Yahoo New]
  • Ooh cute picture of Lily Allen as a kid! [The Sun]
  • Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday: Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson. [People]

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@braak: @Macloserboy (Who Is Finally On Facebook For You Bitches): I'll agree it is not nice to judge on flaccid appearance only. I assume he prefers the company of other menz while he works on his yoga poses, but really, ew.