Did Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey And Wife Have Threesomes With A Male Aide?

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Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey may have officially one-upped Eliot Spitzer in terms of "goobernatorial" sex scandal sordidness. McGreevey, who left office in disgrace in November 2004 after admitting to an affair with a male colleague, is now being accused by another former male employee of having with the then-Governor and his wife, Dina Matos. Theodore Pedersen, who was McGreevey's driver and traveling aide, has told the Newark Star-Ledger that from 1999 to 2001, he had "weekly romps" with Dina and Jim "that typically began with dinner at T.G.I. Friday's and ended with a threesome at McGreevey's condo in Woodbridge." Jesus, Jim. Fridays? Are those Southwestern egg roll tequila shooters really a turn on?


Anyway — Pederson says he's coming forward now because of the custody battle for the McGreeveys' daughter Jacqueline is scheduled to go to trial in May. He also says he is especially offended by the interviews Dina Matos gave to reporters last week as the Spitzer scandal broke. "I wanted to get this out now because it was so offensive to me that [Dina Matos] goes on television playing the victim," Pedersen said in the Star-Ledger. "She's trying to make this a payday for herself. She should have told the truth about the three of us." (Matos has also written a book and given interviews to Oprah and O, the Oprah Magazine about about her failed marriage.)

Matos has asked for more than $600,000 in "damages" as compensation for Jim's alleged lies about his sexual orientation. (Matos' fortunes are more tethered to her ex-husband than those of Silda Wall Spitzer will ever be: Matos never graduated from college, while Silda's Harvard Law degree is a far more stable contingency plan. ) She also seeks full custody of Jacqueline along with alimony. According to the Star-Ledger, "McGreevey has denied any fraud and, in court filings, countered that he fulfilled his duties as husband because he gave his wife a child and companionship." He's asked for joint-custody of Jacqueline. Pederson could be one of the first witnesses to testify for Jim McGreevey on behalf of the prosecution.

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@LoveNoelG: In McGreevey's defense he never babbled on about "family values" or the "sanctity of marriage."

This story may explain one part of the McGreevey saga that has always puzzled me. He had the details of her first divorce (which was granted in Canada) sealed. Though his first wife swears the divorce wasn't because he was gay.

It now comes to mind that what he was trying to suppress in that divorce proceeding was that he might get off on watching his wife with other men.