Did Ellen Page Officially Come Out As A Lezebel On SNL?

There's been some back-fence internet talk lately of like, "Ooh, I think Ellen Page is gay." 1.) As though that's like a scandal or a big deal or something; and 2.) Duh! Page sorta made fun of the whole thing last night in a skit on SNL where she plays a "straight" girl who went to a Melissa Etheridge concert and loved the whole experience. The bit doesn't end with a sarcastic joke, but with a hug and acceptance from Andy Samberg (who plays her boyfriend), and then flashes to the SNL bumper shot of Page in a leather jacket.


A Small Turnip

@Political Party Girl: Yes on the Dad playdate. As for the hip moves? My dad's signature routine is a kind of arthritic chicken dance, complete with waggling elbows and bopping head. I'm not sure I want to encourage the spread of that particular dance craze. He insists that it was all the rage when he was a young 'un, back in the 1840s. We may have to supervise, just to make sure things don't get out of hand. You bring the glasses, I'll bring the pinot noir.

@notaclevername: I hear you. I just can't, personally, summon up acres of interest in Ellen's sex life, mainly because I know fo' sho' that she's not going to be letting ME have a party in her pants any time soon. Which is sad. So I prefer not to dwell on the futile.