This morning, the Today show talked to both trainer Larry Jones and veterinarian Dr. Larry Bramlage about fallen filly Eight Belles, who, as has now been widely reported, ran the race of her life in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, only to be euthanized after breaking both front ankles after crossing the finish line. Jones toed what seems to be the party line regarding the fallen filly: that horses are meant to race at such speeds and on such spindly legs; that, as writer Jane Smiley somewhat obnoxiously put it on Sunday, she "literally ran herself to death". Lauer quoted from the column of the NY Times' William C. Rhoden, who had the courage to ask the question on many people's minds: Is thoroughbred horse racing a form of animal abuse? The answer to that — at least according to Jones — in the clip above.

Race Illustrates Brutal Side Of Sport [NY Times]
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