Amy Schumer Backed Out Of Her First Book Deal and Got Millions More

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When it came to Amy Schumer’s multi-million book deal with Simon & Schuster, it was all about perfect timing. The comedian actually sold a book of personal essays to HarperCollins two years ago, but pulled out of the deal. Good thing she did, because she ended up making millions more.

The New York Times reports HarperCollins bought the rights to Schumer’s book back in 2013, before she became the mega-star she is now. After months of the book having little progress, she told the publishing house she had become too busy to complete it. Schumer cancelled her contract and returned their $1 million advance, plus interest.

Smooth move, girlfriend. The recent Emmy winner will now be sitting on a pile of cash, Scrooge McDuck-style, since the Simon & Schuster deal is rumored to have a payout of at least $8 million. The book, which has the hilarious working title, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, is scheduled to publish in late 2016.


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Did anyone else really hate Train wreck despite loving the rest Amy Schumers work? Or was it just me? Is it just cause I hate romcoms in general?