Did All That Whoring Make 'Washingtonienne' Jessica Cutler A Kind Of Genius?

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Jessica Cutler, that whorey Senate aide who is basically the political world's answer to "Supahead," just gave an interview to sex-positive writer lady Susie Bright in which she basically comes off really cool and smart and decent and frank and Susie Bright comes off like she wants reduced-admission entry into Jessica Cutler's vagina. Anyway Cutler said something before she got to the part about drugs and alcohol that gave me the spins that I wanted to point out before I puke all over myself:

When I start to feel defensive, my attitude is sort of like, if people are calling me a whore, "Well, what's wrong with being a whore?" You know? I mean, I think girls who are sex workers — and men, all sex workers — they see another side of humanity and sexuality. People who've never worked in the sex industry — people who've never done it — don't know the half of it.


Hmmm. Well. I used to be a phone sex operator, and I wrote a lot at the time about how it helped me understand the world better; but like, aside from the fact that "circumcision fantasy" is actually, like, a thing, I think the main takeaway was more succinctly expressed by the song "Eleanor Rigby." But I used to think Heidi Fleiss was actually kind of deep from all her time spent sex working; but on the other hand dudes are always talking crap about how strippers always assume all men are like the ones who patron strip clubs. So I asked my friend Loren, who used to be a stripper:

it seems terribly naive to think that the men who use sex services are some entirely different animal from the ones who don't. i mean, where do you draw the line between buying a porno mag and buying a blow job? most guys engage in some kind of sex trade at some point in their life at the same time, i suppose it's baldly true that not all of them do. but the question is, could all of them be convinced to? probably.

Same, by the way, goes for women. In my humble opinion. But has my opinion just been jaundiced and hijacked by all the sex work? Help me out, guys.

D.C. Sex Diarist Bares All [Zen Monkeys]



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