Justin Lookadoo, the Christian motivational speaker who said "dateable girls know how to shut up," was arrested this week for public intoxication in Indiana.

You'll remember this guy as the ranting Christian misogynist who was giving lectures at high schools encouraging girls to "shut up" and embrace their "girly-ness" if they wanted to be date boys/get husbands/become broodmares. Cool story, bro! Lookadoo got served beautifully on Twitter by a bunch of awesome high school students who were having none of his ridiculous sexist bullshit.

Here's all the details of the incident that occurred with this awesome role model who knows exactly how young girls should live their lives, via WFIE:

Authorities say they found [Lookadoo] in his car on the side of I-164. Officials say he told them he was tired and pulled off to take a nap, but deputies first tell us they quickly realized something was wrong. Records show that during the investigation, deputies noticed Lookadoo had vomited inside his car and smelled of alcohol.

Authorities say he failed field sobriety tests and recorded a BAC of .07

Officials with Youth Resources tell us he was scheduled to be leading workshops Tuesday with middle school students at Teen Power Camp. Lookadoo is listed as a previous keynote speaker for Youth Resources.


The best thing about this so far is the #lookadouche hashtag is back on Twitter.