This day just got significantly less rockin' โ€” Dick Clark, former host of American Bandstand and longtime New Year's Eve fixture, has died of a heart attack, according to his family. He was 82.

Clark was born in Mount Vernon, New York in 1929, and graduated from Syracuse University. He worked various radio gigs throughout his youth, but really made his mark with American Bandstand, a show featuring grinning teens dancing to popular songs that hit the airwaves in the early 1950's. Without it, would there have been a Hairspray or Girls Just Want To Have Fun! or that scene from Grease when Danny and Sandy hand jive their faces off? Probably not.


In 2004, the beloved TV personality suffered a stroke that impaired his ability to speak and walk, but he returned to his New Year's Eve gig the following year.

Like Bob Costas and LL Cool J, Clark was one of those lucky people who never seemed to age, earning him the nickname "America's Oldest Teenager."


He's survived by his third wife, to whom he's been married since 1977, and his three children.

For now, Dick Clark... so long.