Dick Armey Insults Salon Editor, Lives Up To His Name On Hardball

Dick Armey was so stymied by Salon's Joan Walsh on Hardball this evening that he was reduced to saying he's glad she isn't his wife... so he doesn't have to listen to her "prattle."

Minutes later, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert came on and said that he felt Armey owed Walsh — and Hardball viewers — an apology for his sexist bullshit. (I added that last part; Bob Herbert didn't actually curse.)

Chris Matthews later said, "We had a rather uh, rough back and forth; I think Dick Armey, I like the guy but I think he went way overboard going after Joan. I mean, you gotta let the other person make their point without a reference to your wife or whatever. This gender aspect that shouldn't have been brought up."

Actually, I think it's fine Armey brought it up. If, in the face of a smart, strong woman making good points, all Republican douchebags are simply going to throw up their hands and insult women rather than responding with substantive or remotely intelligent counterpoints, then we really aren't going to have to worry about the 2010 midterm elections.

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I was watching the show live and as soon as he made that "wife" comment, I had a flashback to Ann Coulter calling the 9/11 widows "harpies." Republicans just hate women, don't they? And they make no pretense of hiding it.