Diane von Furstenberg Loves Dressing the Chinese Because They're Just So Skinny!

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Diane von Furstenberg gave an interview about China, where she has been expanding her business. "When I was a little girl, and I didn't eat my dinner, my mother would say 'Think of all the Chinese who have nothing to eat,'" recalls the designer. "My children's generation is the Chinese making everything, and now my grandchildren's generation is the Chinese buying everything." On other perks of China as a market: "It is great to design for Chinese women, because they have great bodies. They are slim and have tiny waists, so it's nice." [WSJ]


In this clip from the documentary About Face, former Avedon muse China Machado recalls what it was like to model in the 1950s. "I was paid $100 a month, and I was the highest-paid model anywhere," she says. "You didn't allow the buyers to touch your dress. Because they would try to feel underneath to see what was inside. And so you walked like you had an attitude, like 'Don't touch me.' Not a smile on your face." [Fashionista]

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Mulberry's fall ads, shot by Tim Walker and starring Lindsey Wixson, feature a giant, furry monster. [WWD] Mulberry creative director Emma Hill says of her company, "We're not tea and crumpets and the Queen-British: we're bonkers and crazy and craft." Hill also says, when asked about Hermès, "No one can touch them in terms of quality. A friend who was working at Hermès said that if there was even the most minor imperfection on a bag they would take it out the back and burn it — no compromise." Eat your heart out, Tyler Shields. [Telegraph]

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Rianne Ten Haken is on the cover of the recently launched Vogue Netherlands. [FGR]

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Here are some pictures of Gisele Bündchen modeling the latest offerings from the namesake underwear line she sells in her native Brazil. [FGR]

  • The fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent will soon no longer bear the name of the 20th Century master couturier and ready-to-wear pioneer. Recently installed creative director Hedi Slimane is changing the name of Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent Paris. Confusingly, "YSL" will remain the company logo. In all other company branding, Slimane wants to use fonts and graphic designs from the 1960s, when the company was founded. Slimane has turned down interview requests since taking the job at the fashion house formerly known as Yves Saint Laurent, but a company spokesperson is playing the name change off as a return to "original branding" and a restoration of the house "to its truth, purity and essence." [WWD]

    Peter Brant II and Harry Brant, the sons of Stephanie Seymour and Peter M. Brant, are profiled today in the New York Times. What are two teenagers who are richer than Croesus planning on doing with their lives?

    Plans for their careers are up in the air. Harry knows that he wants to work in some sort of creative field, and Peter is leaning toward luxury goods, but isn't sure.

    "I'm young and have a lot of time and can sit on that question," Harry said, before casting a comical sneer at his older brother. "But Peter, you have to hurry. You're old candy. You're withering away."

    Ever blasé, Peter tilted his head, looked at him blankly, then turned away, showing off his strong profile.


    Condé Nast International will be launching a new Vogue next year in Thailand. [WWD]

    Prada is suing MaxMara for allegedly reneging on a real-estate deal regarding a boutique in Waikiki. [The Fashion Law]

    Agent Provocateur is in expansion mode. The pricey lingerie chain currently has 62 stores worldwide, but plans to have more than 100 by the end of 2013. [WWD]

    Daniel Vosovic, the designer and Project Runway alumnus, is happy to be participating in the Council of Fashion Designers of America's business incubator program.

    "I didn't get into this to just be a dressmaker, to just make product. I want to create a world, and I want to create a vision, and if it takes sponsorships, if it takes finagling to do that and make money, then that's the hoops that I have to jump through right now. Until I'm Marc Jacobs and I can have a fucking train pulling into my runway!"

    [The Cut]

    Fifth & Pacific, the company until recently known as Liz Claiborne, is laying off more than 100 people. [WWD]

    Some would-be designers are using Kickstarter as a way to attract funding for their businesses and ideas. [NYTimes]

    Vera Wang has a new juniors line hitting Kohl's stores next month under the label Princess Vera Wang, because where little girls are concerned, we really can't emphasize "princess" culture strongly enough. [WWD]

    Ideeli raised another $30 million in funding, bringing its total investment to around $100 million. [WWD]

    And now, a moment with Domenico Dolce. Domenico, you have a new book of photography out. What inspired you to start taking photos?

    "To answer this question, I must tell you a story. When I was a child, I spent my time fantasizing, creating images within me. I've always done it, ever since I was very young: to imagine places and things that I had never seen. That was my way to think of tomorrow, of things that I already sensed: I wanted a different life, which Polizzi Generosa, the town where I was born, could not guarantee. So I stayed there, dreaming of my future. I did it with open eyes, because our eyes are the doors to imagination. Now that I think about it, I have always compared the eyes to the mouth: They must be nurtured. And images are their nourishment. That's where my passion for photography stems from."




also, i can't tell you how hilarious it was hearing all the different ways people attempted to pronounce "yves saint laurent" when i worked at sephora. also givenchy. also, ones you wouldn't expect, like tarte and stila. ("you know that brand, i think it's like 'tartieeee'?")