Diane Von Furstenberg Loves A Secret

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It's about two weeks late, but today The New York Post published a two-page story on the The Secret, the Oprah-endorsed self-help tome that claims that happiness, riches and success are all but a few positive-thoughts away. According to the Post, Oprah isn't the only flaky high-profile businesswoman to assert that the guiding principle behind The Secret — namely, that if you build it in your head, it will come— is one she's been using for years.

We've all seen this happen for Diane time and time again. It's how she operates," said Alexis Rodriguez, [Diane] von Furstenberg's public-relations director.

Rodriguez goes onto say that staff at von Furstenberg's company is passing out copies of The Secret DVD around the office and that Diane is "the type of person that if she wants it, it will happen", using as examples von Furstenberg's finding a new location for her company and introducing her hallmark wrap dresses. [Emphasis ours]

She willed these things to happen."

With a little help from some guy named Barry, of course.

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