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Diana Nyad on Failed Swim: It All Comes Down to the Jellyfish

Illustration for article titled Diana Nyad on Failed Swim: It All Comes Down to the Jellyfish

Diana Nyad has thankfully made a quick recovery after being pulled from the water yesterday and officially ending her fourth attempt at swimming the 103-mile crossing between Cuba and Florida. Already, the veteran endurance swimmer (who turns 63 today) is up and at 'em, running the interview circuit to discuss her harrowing swim and whether or not she will ever try it again.


When asked by Today's Savannah Guthrie about the possibility of a fifth attempt, Nyad replied:

"The question isn't, 'Do I have it in me?' because, you know, all the litany of potential crises out there...There is hypothermia, there are the sharks...the thunderstorms were hellacious...None of that matters. If all of those things were all I had to face besides, you know, the will and the body to get across, I would still go out and do it again. I'd go to my grave still trying, but, you know what, Savannah? It's not about all that stuff. It's about the jellyfish and I just don't know what to do...I did the most intelligent moves I could, got the world expert, made a suit, wore pantyhose over my face and still was stung so badly on the lips that I went into...the heart and lungs being taken down and shivers all over...I don't know how to conquer them."


But does she think the swim is impossible?

"Maybe someone else is gonna get lucky and get in there and one of those box jelly fish is not gonna touch them. All I know is...that I've gone three times in the last calendar year...and each time I was stung...How are you supposed to do something that's already so difficult with your body debilitated like that? To me, it's a mystery."

Despite all the difficulties, Nyad insists that she would take none of it back, saying, "This experience, this journey over the last three years has been magnificent. What I've learned and the spirit that came of it — I don't have any regrets. I really don't."


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Diana Nyad: Leaving the water 'was devastating' [Today]

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I like that Jellyfish are taking over the ocean, and a bigger threat to a swimmer than sharks, storms and salt combined. And by "like," I mean it's terrifying, like a horror movie.

They are faceless, brainless colonies that repopulate like crazy, contain some of nature's most potent venom, and have certain species that are biologically immortal. What a menace. We've moved from the relatively primal, toothy threat of sharks to something that looks like it's from outer space.