Diablo Cody Proves You're Never Too Old To Be Embarrassed By Your Mom

Jezebel girl crush, Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, was on Oprah this afternoon, and her mom and dad made an adorable appearance in the audience. Diablo's mom calls her by her real name (it's Brook), and Diablo makes that awkward smile/grimace that is permanently etched on the face of every 14-year-old. Then Oprah called Juno and Diablo "fresh" approximately 40 times, and told Diablo and Juno stars Ellen Page and Jennifer Garner how much her boyfriend Stedman liked the movie, and we all know that Stedman is the ultimate arbiter of taste. Anyway, it's a whole bunch of cute, and Diablo's new wave looks hot. Clip above.


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