Details' "Hot Jewish Girls": Headless, Wrapped In Israeli Flag

Illustration for article titled emDetails/em Hot Jewish Girls: Headless, Wrapped In Israeli Flag

The print version of Details' paean to Jewish women contains more of the magazine's signature, sensitive photography. Plus, we got our hands on the casting call for the shoot. Jewish women are so back! (Where did we go? Unclear).


Memo to Details (and anyone else who needs telling): Not all Jews are white. Or "Caucasian," imprecise term that it is.


Type: Editorial Print (18+ only)
Shoot Date: Thursday Oct 22nd
Photographer: TBD
Shoot Location: NYC or Brooklyn
Pay: 250 Plus 10% (editorial rate)
Partial nude (breast covered) but on-set nudity required.

DESCRIPTION: Editorial piece celebrating the return of the Jewish
Woman a sex symbol.

(Female will be topless on set, nipple covered in final printed piece)

BREAKDOWN: Female Caucasian, 18-30, (Jewish or Israeli descent),
strong natural sex appeal, very comfortable with body on closed set.

TO SUBMIT: Submit face and any body shots. A current snap shot is also
appreciated make sure you include your measurements.


Submit (at) impossiblecasting (dot) com


Please include in your email that you are over 18 and you understand the requirements.

Those requirements include the following:

Illustration for article titled emDetails/em Hot Jewish Girls: Headless, Wrapped In Israeli Flag

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Am I the only one offended in many ways about the tattoo (or "tattoo," as it's more likely drawn on)?

1. That a Jewish girl would have a tattoo (granted, not totally unheard of, but fairly unusual given the religious prohibition on voluntary tattooing) and

2. That a Star of David is beying portayed as a tramp stamp? (I don't think all tattoos on the lower back should be categorized as such, but the objectification evident in this picture is sort of pushing for that interpretation.)