Despite what you might think, curly hair tangles less that straight hair, reports MSNBC. To which we say: Yay! Finally, positive news about curly girls. French biophysicist Jean-Baptiste Masson had hairdressers count tangles for a week in the hair of 212 people — 123 with straight hair and 89 with curls. Counting was done between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. so that hair had a chance to get all snarled up. Masson found that straight hair got tangled nearly twice as much as curly hair. It's not just about detangling tresses — Masson says his findings could lead to advances in "Velcro-like" technology. See? All those people desperate for straight hair should realize that curls can save the world! Or just make interesting sneakers or something. [MSNBC]


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I just now saw the Brazilian post and I couldn't figure out how I missed that one— then I remembered, that was the week I was hard at work, trying not to get fired. (It was all for naught though, I was canned the following week.)

I'm ashamed to say, I've straightened my hair to death. It naturally does this weird not really curly, kind of wavy thing, and the shorter pieces will curl straight up in a horse-shoe shape. Unfortunately, not using the flat iron on it really isn't an option. I'm so jealous of my friends with low-maintenance hair, whether it's curly or straight. I don't have a preference, I'd just kill for any kind of hair that looks passable drying naturally after a shower!

And yeah, my heat-damaged hair has its fair share of tangles.