Despite what you might think, curly hair tangles less that straight hair, reports MSNBC. To which we say: Yay! Finally, positive news about curly girls. French biophysicist Jean-Baptiste Masson had hairdressers count tangles for a week in the hair of 212 people — 123 with straight hair and 89 with curls. Counting was done between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. so that hair had a chance to get all snarled up. Masson found that straight hair got tangled nearly twice as much as curly hair. It's not just about detangling tresses — Masson says his findings could lead to advances in "Velcro-like" technology. See? All those people desperate for straight hair should realize that curls can save the world! Or just make interesting sneakers or something. [MSNBC]


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