Desirée Rogers Has Pretty, Pricey Clothes

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Desirée Rogers, White House Social Secretary and all around fierce dresser, would probably argue that looking good is all part of her job. But how much glam is considered too much, in our recession-plagued era?


Women's Wear Daily has taken a keen interest in analyzing Roger's satorial choices in magazine profiles, noting how, in some cases, the fashion notes have been omitted from the story:

[I]n May, Capitol File readers were informed that Rogers was wearing a Louis Vuitton coat ($3,370) and freshwater pearl and diamond earrings by Jorge Adeler ($7,900), the more recent Michigan Avenue issue ignores fashion entirely, both in the credits and the story. [...]

Rogers has a tough line to walk between what appears to be her natural inclination toward glamour - for example, sitting next to Anna Wintour at a fashion show - and the sensitivity of representing the White House during an economic crisis. At a cocktail preceding the White House Correspondents' Dinner in May, Rogers declined to tell WWD reporters who had designed her dress, although a White House spokeswoman later identified it as Halston.

Is Rogers being prudent by not flaunting her fashion, or does her ability to even wear the high-end houses say more than words?

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History Major

Oh please Latoya get over it. Desiree Rogers is a strong and intelligent black woman who worked her ass off to get where she is. No one handed her anything and if she wants to buy herself some nice albeit pricey clothes she can do that. People have been spending money for hundreds of years and no one has made a peep. So because we are in a recession this one black woman has to be conscious of what image she sends? She isn't the first lady and she shouldn't be subject to our whims in taste of appropriateness. Keep on keeping on Desiree. You have an MBA from Harvard and all people can reduce you to is what you choose to spend your money on. Pathetic.