Desiree Rogers Forced Out For Being A Grinch?

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The latest explanation for the departure of White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers: she didn't send Christmas cards to some of Obama's major donors. Although given the flak the Obamas got for sending kids ornaments, who can blame her? [Politico]



Desiree Rogers is obviously a very accomplished woman (and fierce when it comes to style), so kudos to her.

However, what seems to have happened is that she did get pushed out over the brouhaha with the Salahis. The WH probably wanted to a) wait until the storm died down before pushing her out and b) make it look as though she was leaving of her own accord for a variety of reasons (and maybe her departure was, in part, due to her own recognition that, for whatever reason, she just wasn't cut out for the job). Allowing anyone to crash the gates at a State dinner (at which a visiting head of state is present) is a pretty huge failure, and, as social secretary in charge of the guest list, Rogers had some part in it. She's just lucky that she's such old friends with the Obamas that they didn't give her a pink slip earlier. Either way, she'll land on her feet—she's too smart and talented not to succeed in some other endeavour.

If the Christmas card thing is true, I can understand why donors are upset. When you receive money from donors to help pay for your expensive political campaign, sending out a holiday card to those donors is de rigeur (although for my money, I'd rather a politician kept his/her campaign promises, which is why I would have donated in the first place—screw the holiday card). Anyway, this may seem like a little thing to most of us, but in the world of politics, there are protocols that must be followed, and sending out the obligatory holiday card to donors, friends, and supporters is one of them. You'd be surprised at how people get huffy over stupid, petty crap in the political arena. Frankly, I'm more inclined to believe that this could have been more of a factor in Rogers' departure than any jealousy on the part of Michelle Obama.