Designer, Animal Activist Russell Simmons Likes Cuddly Creatures, But Not That Much

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  • Russell Simmons may be vegan but admits, "my clothes are not especially animal-friendly." [BlackBook]
  • In a somehow perfect/distasteful marriage, Gwen Stefani and L.A.M.B. will be designing the uniforms for W Hotel employees. [Portfolio]
  • We've been burned by Target's accessories collabs before, but hopes are running high for the Sigerson Morrison-Anya Hindmarch double whammy! Pics! [FabSugar]
  • Some dick crashes the shows at Fashion Week; heckles; makes racist jokes; kills. [NYC The Blog]
  • Baby Dior. 'Nuff said. [The Life Files]
  • Phew! Lydia Hearst's kidney stones won't be keeping her off the runway: the "leggy trooper" is determined to walk. [NY Post]
  • Marc Jacobs enjoys the freedom of kilts: "I was just recently fascinated by the whole men-in-skirts controversy of the nineties. No. I got one and I started wearing it and it made me happy, so I bought more. And now I just can't stop wearing them." [NY Post]
  • NPR discovers that people are interested in political fashion. [NPR]
  • Which is good, cause apparently there's a political tee "arms race" afoot! "A search on the site for Sarah Palin already yields more than 2,500 results. John McCain gets about 9,000, and Barack Obama about 20,000 (Joe Biden paraphernalia is in very short supply.)" [LA Times]
  • Kate Moss has cut her hair. [ElleUK]
  • Agyness deep-conditions her newly-bobbed coif. "Yeah… or else they'd fall out! Because I bleach them. I go to Laurie Foley." [Elle]
  • And if this makes you admire Agyness enough to totally trivialize the election, why, you can wear a political button supporting her "candidacy!" " created these buttons with slogans like "Vote for the Stam," "Cast a Tally for Ally," and "Coco 2008," all for the week's most popular models to match this year's political theme." [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Fast Fashion Cheat Sheet. [Esquire]
  • Laetitia Casta is the face of "Notorious," Ralph Lauren's newest women's fragrance. [UPI]
  • Monique Lhuillier's fashion week caffeine consumption: "I've been getting between four to seven hours of sleep, and I've been drinking 4 cups of coffee on average during show prep. Normally, I barely have one!" [Elle]
  • Model Miranda Kerr's mom may be a savvy business manager but, "We talk every day and she texts me every time she gets on a plane and lands again to say she's safe. It's important for our peace of mind. She's still our only little girl." []
  • To appeal to European women, Nike swaps the aggressive "Just Do It" for the vague "Here I Am." [WSJ]
  • Fashionistas talk recession: Says one critic, "I don't think enough designers are thinking about it. The clothes we've seen so far have been embroidered and beaded or very elaborate, and they only mean something to the top one-thousandth percent of the population." [Slate]
  • Irina Lazareanu is giving Fashion Week a pass to work on this alleged "album with Sean Lennon" that's been in the works since they were a couple. [WWD]
  • No one knows what to make of the new trend in shiny happy moddles. [IHT]
  • Hey, want a $1,000 tote bag? "To mark Vanity Fair's Campaign New York, Lambertson Truex teamed up with artist Donald Baechler to create a limited edition tote. The bag features a print that is the background of one of Baechler's paintings." Oh, well in that case! [WWD]
  • That Blahnik that Big proposed to Carrie with is selling at Bergdorf's. For $945. Manolo will be there to autograph said shoes. The sad thing is, you just know they're gonna fly. [NY Times]
  • Yoga outfitter Lululemon beats the recession blues. [WWD]

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That heckler is an ass.

I have mixed feelings about Russell's not especially animal-friendly products given his views on eating meat or meat products.