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Depression-Era Angelina Jolie: On The Dole

Illustration for article titled Depression-Era Angelina Jolie: On The Dole

[Los Angeles, November 12. Image via x17]


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♥ dosido☮

I remember reading somewhere that after the age of thirty or so, a woman has to choose between her ass and her face. If she wants a full, healthy-looking face, she's gonna have to deal with an ass that's a bit bigger than she'd like. If she wants a tiny ass, though, her face is inevitably going to end up gaunt and haggard-looking. It's pitifully obvious where Jolie's staked her tent.

Remember Angelina Jolie circa Gia? Her juicy-ripe figure and luscious face were voluptuous and sensual, and that film was made less than 10 years ago. Jolie's always had some sharp bones and angles, but her weight these days is hideous and startling and just plain ugly. It's a crime that one of the sexiest actresses of our time is receding into one of those X-ray women with disappointed mouths.