Depressed Dudes More Likely To Drown Sorrows In Drink

Women! We loooove talking about our feelings when we're sad, according to a new study out of the Yale School of Medicine. But men, on the other hand, are more likely to avoid expressing their anxiety and instead just bury it with beer. Yale researchers exposed 54 "social drinkers" (27 men, 27 women) to three fake scrips categorized as "stressful, alcohol-related, and neutral/relaxing," respectively. Then the subjects' feelings, behaviors, cardiovascular arousal and self-reported alcohol cravings were measured. According to study author Tara M. Chaplin, "After listening to the stressful story, women reported more sadness and anxiety than men, as well as greater behavioral arousal. But, for the men ... emotional arousal was linked to increases in alcohol craving. In other words, when men are upset, they are more likely to want alcohol."

Of course, just off the top of our heads we can think of more than a few exceptions to this study, but according to those Yalies, there are physical manifestations of this male emotional avoidance. "Men had greater blood pressure response to stress, but did not report greater sadness and anxiety, may reflect that they are more likely to try to distract themselves from their physiological arousal, possibly through the use of alcohol," Chaplin tells Science Daily. So the next time your best dude wants to drown his sorrows in booze, perhaps you should get him to talk it out...though you'll probably just end up doing Jaeger bombs with him anyway.


Men Are More Likely Than Women To Crave Alcohol When They Feel Negative Emotions [Science Daily]

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