Here's a story that should make your next dentist visit seem delightful by comparison. During a misconduct hearing yesterday, British dentist Matthew Walton was accused of regularly burping and farting in front of patients because he thought it was "a big joke." According to The Daily Mail, dental nurse Nicola Groom testified that he also discriminated against patients:

"If the patients had status, if for example a doctor came in, he was fine, he would talk normally, respectfully. But if someone was, just to give an example, if they were from a council estate, his whole attitude was completely different ... He would show them no respect and the way he would speak to them – it was appalling really." She added: "If they didn't speak very good English, he would ask for their money before he treated them. He never took it off them in the surgery as long as he saw they had money to pay."


His apparent campaign to be named the World's Worst Dentist also included cursing during difficult procedures, criticizing a patient for having bad breath, and, just for good measure, pushing a five-year-old (allegedly).

Walton counters that he didn't "regularly" make disgusting noises and rude comments in front of patients. He denies mistreating anyone, and explains that like a true gentleman, he confined his farting and belching to when he was in the presence of coworkers.

If You Don't Like The Dentist, Look Away Now! [Daily Mail]

Image via Tyler Olson/Shutterstock.


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