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Denny's Debuts Bacon Ice Cream Sundae

The internet's obsession with bizarre bacon products has officially gone mainstream. Denny's has started running ads for its new "Baconalia" menu of bacon-centric items, including bacon meatloaf, bacon flapjacks, and the "Maple Bacon Sundae," an ice-cream sundae with maple syrup and bacon bits. We're all for absurd food-related celebrations, but Denny's should take a cue from Red Lobster. Even during Lobsterfest, the restaurant doesn't offer crustacean-flavored ice cream.


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MoonCat82 is a nomnivore

My homemade bacon ice cream looks so much better. I make a vanilla-maple ice cream with caramel stripes and mix crunchy bacon into it. Then when I eat it, I put extra bacon on top. It's amazing.