Democrats Are Just About Ready to Include Same-Sex Marriage in Party Platform

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Just a few months after Barack Obama said that it should be totally cool for same-sex couples to get married, Democrats seems poised to add same-sex marriage to the party platform.


Party officials met in Minneapolis over the weekend, approving the the first step to change the party platform. The next hurdle will come in two weeks when the entire platform committee meets in Detroit to vote on the inclusion of same-sex marriage. If the change is approved, it would then be up to Democratic Convention delegates to vote on when they convene in Charlotte this September. Though the language in the proposal could be revised, Democrats who were briefed on the Minneapolis decision don't think that there will be any major obstacles to same-sex marriage being included in the party platform. Language in the platform also included a condemnation of the Defense of Marriage Act, which boasts a somewhat misleading name because it doesn't so much safeguard marital unions as it does prohibit people from being recognized as married couples. There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for that, of course — Republicans crafted it on Washington D.C.'s district-wide Opposite Day, a little-known holiday on the official calendar that is particularly sacred to the GOP.

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Bono's Boner

This is a big step, no matter what cynics say, and yet I love how no one can seem to feel happy about this. Is it a requirement these days that only a 100% Utopia can be free of the "not enough," "too late," or "it's just a ploy and it means nothing" line of thinking?