Demi Lovato Is Your New X Factor Judge

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Just this morning you woke up thinking, What the world needs now is for that chick from the Disney Channel to get a job on one of the many singing competition TV shows. You'll be thrilled to know that Demi Lovato has signed on to Simon Cowell's The X Factor. Cha-ching! The big rumor, of course, is that Britney Spears will also be a judge, joining original talking head LA Reid. (Last season's judges, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul, were fired.) More will be revealed later today, as the upfronts — the ritual in which TV networks battle for ad dollars — are happening all week. [TMZ]

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She's been a mom for quite a spell, but send some finger snaps Kelly Preston's way after she announced she stopped boozing and using for the sake of her kids. "Now I don't drink anymore. I don't smoke anymore. I don't do drugs anymore. All of those come with an 'anymore.' I used to do everything and a lot of everything," she said, rather candidly. "With drinking, I just decided that I wasn't always at my best. There were times where I drank too much, for sure." Some dates and drug preferences would be handy? Is she talking about smoking pot 10 years ago or was she shooting heroin as recently as last week? Whatever the case, we clearly all need to tune into The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, it's where Preston dropped this gossip bomb — obviously de Cadenet knows how to get the goods. [NYDN]
In semi- related news, Jada Pinkett Smith's mom joins the party and says that she wasn't the best mother she could be on account of her drug use. [Daily Mail]

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Poor ol' Patrick Dempsey has put his two recently adopted American Bulldog-Staffordshire Terrier mixes, Daisy and Ginger, to a reality TV-style vote to see which one he'd be able to keep. Word has it the dogs were about to kill each other and while he wants to keep one he couldn't pick and put them both back into the system and figured he'll keep whoever doesn't sell first. And it looks like we might have a winner... [TMZ]

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It's safe to say that Neil Patrick Harris' mom, Sheila Scott Harris, didn't offer him seconds of dessert following their Mother's Day lunch. Which makes sense, he did out her as a particularly ravenous cannibal on Twitter. "Happy Mother's Day, @GladSheila," he wrote. "You ate an amazing mom, a wonderful grandma, and a beautiful human being. Love you so much!" Quickly realizing what he had done, NPH was understandably upset. "Oh my god," he added. "I just revealed that my mother eats people. On this, of all days. What have I done? What have I DONE?!?" Awesome. [Buzzfeed]

Someone who is no doubt going to get seconds forever is Manolo Gonzalez, who uploaded a tribute to mom Sofia Vergara on YouTube. "What I'm most proud of is that she's still the same, she hasn't changed. She has her career and she still managed to raise me at the same time — that's pretty great, he said, adding that she's also "loud and overprotective," a "loud Latin mother who calls my name repeatedly." And offers some pretty hilarious examples. [E!]


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It's official! Blake Lively is one of those people who totally lose themselves in a relationship. She ditched her bestie Anna Wintour and the Met Gala because she was on a trip with her latest piece, Ryan Reynolds. Not only that, she also skipped out on a screening of her latest movie the week before. Offering no official statement, Wintour was overheard bitching to Karl Lagerfeld saying she was completely over it and Lively can find a new BFF to sit next to during second period. [NYDN]

  • It sounds like a great way to shake off the recently hospitalized blues — Rihanna headed out for a bit of a dance following her recent trip to ICU. [Page Six]
  • How do you feel about Tom Hardy's beard? Be honest. [ONTD]
  • Having a bit of a laff at Tan Mom's expense, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself wearing a deep, deep shade of fake tan. [Page Six]
  • Linday Lohan's handlers want her to steer clear of Samantha Ronson while she gets her career back on track yet again. Forbidding her to even be friends for fear of platonic lesbian drama – a lesser-known cousin of the regular kind. [Page Six]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is still banging on about her vajazzled vagina. Maybe she misinterpreted the instructions in the first place and used an actual Bedazzler. [NYDN]
  • Lady Gaga was wearing a ring so some folk thought she was engaged. Then truth bible TMZ confirmed she wasn't. What a rollercoaster of emotions. [NYDN]
  • Want to know the secret reason five actors dropped out of Quentin Tarantino's latest film, Django Unchained? Right this way… [E!]
  • Reese Witherspoon added some star power during what was an otherwise depressing day in court when she took part in "an emergency hearing on whether her father should be placed in a conservatorship" after that whole bigamy thing. [Us]
  • Dogs are awesome, and Rumer Willis just adopted a pretty darn adorable one. Though not Patrick Dempsey's. [People]
  • Today in depressing: Pauly D is primed to be more financially successful than most of us. [TMZ]
  • Mena Suvari's ex wants spousal support to the tune of $17,000/month following their extremely long, two-year marriage. [TMZ]
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel suck face in public. [The Sun]
  • Okay, so Arrested Development is totally, really, for sure happening because Vulture have a photo of creator Mitch Hurwitz in a room with some writers and the man himself confirmed they were penning a script for the show. [Vulture]
  • In unsettling photo news: here is a picture of Jon Gosselin DJing at a middle school prom. [Radar]

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I saw the trailer for Blake Lively's new weird girlfriend-of-two-LA-drug-lords-(yes-they-share-her)-who-are-super-chill-till-Mexican-drug-lords-kidnap-her-and-then-they-blow-everything-up-I-mean-EVERYTHING that she narrates (the trailer, hopefully not the movie) before The Cabin In The Woods and good lord it looks like THE WORST thing ever. Within 10 seconds of her voiceover starting my friend and I turned to each other and was like "Oh god, she ruins everything." Not that it would have been a good-looking movie without her, but she has the charm and charisma of a dining room table— no, a dining room table has more charm and charisma than her. It lowers my opinion of Ryan Reynolds that he's even sleeping with her.