Delusional Students Seek NCAA Status For Quidditch

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Middlebury students started playing Quidditch in 2005, and now the Harry Potter-inspired game involves special brooms, regulations, and a 60-team World Quidditch Cup tournament. While some want Quidditch to maintain its "innocence and inclusiveness," other players are seeking NCAA status.

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Quidditch is pretty dumb, both this real life version and the one in the books. Why? In real life, no one can fly, and the balls cannot move by themselves, thus eliminating the two most important elements of the book's version.

Why is the book version dumb? It's a terribly flawed sport on a fundamental level since it was invented to cater to the Potter-centric worldview that pervades the books: he is the seeker, and catching the snitch ends the game. Why even play the rest of the game? As soon as that golden snitch is caught it's over and you get a huge amount of points, making everyone else's efforts pointless. Who wins while not catching the snitch? I know it's happened, but the books mention it what, once? They might as well not have anyone but two seekers try to see who can catch a snitch first.