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Definitely Legit: Someone Selling Original Monet on Craigslist for $5,000

Illustration for article titled Definitely Legit: Someone Selling Original Monet on Craigslist for $5,000

This is mos def a real deal, so if you're in the market for a painting worth $700,000, but want it at the bargain price of $5,000 — holler at your boy!:

We are really really in need of money ( we are broke) so we have to sell everything we got including this painting. we are selling this painting that could be worth 700 000 for $5000

It includes the certificate with it. I bought this from someone who found it in a storage unit and this was the only item in the unit. I haven't had the time to call up experts to look at it because I have a baby and one on the way. I compared the signature online and its pretty close. We are really in need of money! otherwise we wouldn't sell this in no way!

please call or text or email

Which brings me to the next thing — what's the weirdest thing you've ever read (or posted!) to Craigslist? Be honest! As for me, I might have sold some Plan B for super cheap via CL. You see, a friend purchased tons of it with her HSA money when she was fired. I'm not sure how that HSA stuff works because I've never had a job with such perks (benefits? what's what? who's he?) but girlfriend came over with 50 boxes of the good stuff. We couldn't use all of it — well, we could have but we wanted to pay it forward — so we hit up Craigslist. We actually did a combo garage sale/Plan B blow-out but didn't really end up selling much because who buys Plan B from two weirdos hawking used sheets and old Badtz-Maru figurines? Hey, we tried!


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I remember once on Antiques Roadshow well over a decade ago I saw some random guy bring in this really elaborate kimono he had found wrapped up with a bunch of random fabric pieces his wife had bought at a yard sale. Turned out the thing was from the very last ruling emperor or something, made by this really well known tailor, and sewn with REAL GOLD THREAD. The worth was somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I remember the appraiser's hands trembling while he held it because he was so stunned.

The best was still this one old guy who was all but homeless, no contact with his only surviving family (two brothers), and spent all his time living in shelters where he did handiwork to earn room and board. He spent most of his time in a wheelchair and apart from his clothes all he really owned was this blanket that he had over his lap all the time to keep warm and had been passed down from HIS great grandfather or whatever. Turns out the blanket is a ceremonial one that is from this specific tribe and this specific Native American chief, super super rare, who was on record as having given THAT specific blanket to some soldier or whatever all this time ago... the old guy's relative. The blanket was worth historically, even in the condition it was, like 1.2 million dollars. It was amazing. He was in tears. He said he was going to sell it and give all the money in his will to the shelters who had taken care of him.

So basically, you never know what's going to turn up where. But this one is probably not a diamond in the rough.