Henry Cavil, ex-boyfriend of Kaley Cuoco and current boyfriend of Batman (I think that’s what the new movie is about?), has some pretty interesting thoughts on catcalling that he decided to share with The Sunday Times for unknown and presumably bad reasons.

Get out your thinking hats, everyone, because this quote is a doozy.

“I do think there’s a bit of a double standard, you know. I mean, if a girl shouts something like ‘Oi, love, fancy a shag?’ to me as I walk past I do sometimes wonder how she’d feel if a builder said that to her. Although, of course, I wouldn’t feel physically threatened, as she might.”


Cavill, 32, continued:

“I’ve heard some things. I don’t mind it, unless I’m with my girlfriend and someone is being complimentary to me in order to disrespect her.”

Shut up, Superman.


Forget every single thing you’ve heard about Bella Cruise’s relationship with her parents, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, because it’s probably negative and therefore untrue. In an exclusive interview with the 23-year-old newlywed, New Idea (no idea) wrote:

For years, speculation over Bella’s strained relationship with adopted mum Nicole has been blamed on her loyalty to Scientology and her dad Tom.

However, Bella claims she is still in contact with her, as well as her famous dad.

‘Of course [we talk], they’re my parents,’ she says, then, almost interrupting herself, declares that anyone who says otherwise is ‘full of ****’.


I’m not 100% certain what the four asterisks either stand for, but am pretty sure it’s either “shit” or “Xenu.”

[New Idea]

This headline needs to be dumped in an ice bath.


[E! Online]

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