Deep Thoughts With Karl Lagerfeld

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We're less than a week away from the opening of Lagerfeld Confidential, the cinema verité exploration into the psyche of the man, the myth, the starving Deutsche fashion kaiser known as Karl Lagerfeld. We can hardly wait! Luckily, some members of the press have already seen bits of it. And by the snippety soundbites that have been revealed, the genius of Karl does not disappoint. We present, for your approval, some notable quotables:

The few people I know who knew me as a child say I was like a male Shirley Temple - rather unbearable and spoiled.

I love the smell of building sites.

I can't plan six months in advance; we might be dead by then.

[Fashion industry jobs] aren't jobs that fit any criterion of social justice. It's like cinema. Lots of boys and girls want to do it, but very few make it. Sadly, Nicole Kidmans are thin on the ground. To do this job you must be able to accept injustice - the same goes for fashion. There are other careers. You can work for Social Security, get promoted and work behind a counter. It's a safe bet. If you want social justice, be a civil servant. Fashion is ephemeral, dangerous and unfair.

Can we agree that this just may be just the best movie ever made? Haute List: Karl on Karl: A Love Story [NYP]

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@AnnieGetYourFun: You know I worked for Deutsche Bank for about two years and I can not tell you how many times people said "Douche Bank" either by accident or out of sheer ignorance. Common error!