Deep Glamour

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A new exhibit, "ICON: Life Style Love Sharon Tate," presents the actress, murdered 40 years ago by the Manson family, as "a style icon, not a tragic headline," says the curator. [LAT]


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"Is she an icon just because of her death," he (artist Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell) asks, "or is she an icon because she represented something — some spirit of purity or love — that was brought to light by the way she died?"

I think it is mostly about the potential and promise cut short by a heinous crime. She makes us lament not just the way she died but the moment when that happened, when she was pregnant, when her career hadn't yet taken off... so much unfulfilled potential for everything and it ended in an insanely tragic way. I think it's inevitable that her status as an icon is not so much the result of the things she did and represented when she was alive, but of the cultural relevance of her death.