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Deena From Jersey Shore Just Got Arrested for Dancing Drunk in the Street

Illustration for article titled Deena From emJersey Shore/em Just Got Arrested for Dancing Drunk in the Street

With Snooki knocked up and The Situation sobered up, somebody had to step it up and assume the role of craziest crazy person for this season of Jersey Shore. It looks like Deena Cortese is going to be the one to do it. She was just arrested this afternoon for disorderly conduct after she got plastered in the middle of the day and was seen dancing in the street and walking into moving traffic. Good times. Ronnie and Sammi watched as Deena was cuffed by officers on the scene, while the show's producers were no doubt off to the side foaming at the mouth with excitement. As for the rest of the cast, they're still recovering from a massive bar brawl that they got tangled up on Friday night which left JWoww with a sprained ankle. It's good to see that all these years later the cast still has what it takes to keep things interesting.


Deena From 'Jersey Shore': Arrested for Disorderly Conduct [TMZ]

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I don't know what look the women from the Shore are attempting to emulate, but they're all a few tweaks and pinches away from being exact replicas of one another.

The suburbs in New Jersey are all going to look fucking hilarious a few years from now. Scary MILF-y Stepford wives, all with matching rhinoplasty and velour sweatsuits.