Decoding Cosmo Cover Girl Katie Heigl: "She Refuses To Waste Time With Convoluted Crap"

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Katherine Heigl didn't seem to take the "Cosmo Quiz" — the written Q&A actresses are forced to take to qualify as a Cosmopolitan cover subject — very seriously. For most of the questions, such as "I think it's sexy when a guy..." and, "My favorite male co-star has been..." she circled all five multiple choice options the magazine's editors provided. Um, did they not teach you the difference between superior and superlative in America's Sweetheart preparatory academy, Katie? Or is it just because you don't take many things that seriously at all? (Here's Katie regarding her dis on Isiah Washington: "You can't give me too much credit for being brave. I was just a girl who had had a couple of drinks and was angry and got mouthy. I really did think if would fuck me.") We'll leave the handwriting-shrinking to our inimitable penmanship analyst Sheila Kurtz, who sees a great many admirable qualities — and perhaps a few stray self-destructive ones? — in Katie's answers to such questions as "I am sometimes mistaken for..." (A: "myself...that's awkward"!)

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The writer is a person with an outstanding, vivid, full and fascinating imagination that affects every facet of her life. Her imagination is so large and potentially life altering that it can balloon in on and at times confuse and scatter every other part of her life. Her imagination is indicated by the fine and full lower loops of her "y" and "g" formations.

She likes to get involved with a lot of things, people, new scenes, new acquaintances. Change and variety are her emotional by-words.

Her personal pronoun "I" is a plain, simple straight up and down line, a sign of a person who is totally direct within herself and with most others, and who refuses to waste time with convoluted crap.

Her goals are very practical (the t bars cross at the middle of her t stems) and reachable with her ability and spirit.

Now and then there is a strain of introspection in her behavior (a few letters and words slant to the left). She can be entirely into herself at times, despite how outgoing she may otherwise appear. She is not as easy to get to know as some might think she is. Her "e" formations are fairly open, which signals a person who allows new ideas in and does not strain too many out because of preconceptions.

She is a methodical thinker (rounded "m" and "n" tops) which means she comes to conclusions based on a steady series of logical steps. This is a slow process, and she has developed a strong and trusted intuition, which allows her to reach conclusions by skipping steps and come to a "gut" decision that is fast enough to keep up with many others.

There is a delightful harmony and rhythm in her script which indicates a graceful and appealing mind.

Sheila Kurtz [Graphology Consulting]

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