Death & Cellulite

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When it comes to best-selling covers, the weeklies win with fatalities and flesh, reports the New York Post. Aside from special issues, like "Sexiest Man Alive," People magazine's best-selling issue in 2007 dealt with the apparent suicide attempt of Owen Wilson. So far, their best selling issue of 2008 was the memoriam to Heath Ledger. Star's best-seller? "Best and Worst Beach Bodies." (Meanwhile, over at Us, editor Janice Min is "breaking news" with revelations about Hilary Clinton's wardrobe and Barack Obama's love of hot sauce, The New Yorker points out.) What does it mean that the American public craves information about corpses and corpulence? [New York Post, The New Yorker]

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I'll admit, I bought that issue of People with Owen on the cover.

I was just so sad for him and needed answers. Of course, I got wild speculation and more questions. I'm so glad he is doing better.

Other than that, I'll usually pick up the Best/Worst Dressed issues though the Internet has made those moot.