Dearly Departed

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Meet Kotoko Sato. She's a makeup artist whose clients have very special needs, though they never express them. Sato teamed up with Japanese cosmetics firm Falf Inc. to market Delfino: Beauty products for the dead. Delfino cosmetics contain silver compounds and titanium dioxide, chemicals that have antibacterial properties. That way, people are protected from infection when they touch a corpse. Morticians, funeral home workers and nurses are interested in Delfino, which retails at around $620 a set. (A little too spendy to try on these stubborn under-eye circles, sigh.) Anyway: "The bereaved families remember the faces of the departed for a long time. So I want them to look good," explains Sato. "I am pleased when the family of the deceased says the person looks like they are sleeping." [InventorSpot]

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@BeckySharper: ditto. watching 6 feet under, all I could ever think was "I'm so glad that Jews don't do this" (though I loooved the show)