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Dear Pretty Girls Who Are Also Smart: Some Tips For Avoiding Our Antipathy

Illustration for article titled Dear Pretty Girls Who Are Also Smart: Some Tips For Avoiding Our Antipathy

Life is easier when you're a pretty girl. Not something we needed to travel to South Carolina to figure out, right? Even among the NPR-listening Blue State set, good looks make for bigger book advances, especially (double shocker) when it comes to females. So is this the cause of any concern to Katherine Taylor, wealthy, gorgeous, blonde young author of the recently published work of memoirbatory chick lit Rules For Saying Goodbye? Nah, she tells the book blog Galleycat. (Boldface ours, duh.)

Whatever you have to do to get your book in the cultural conversation is all fair," Taylor continues. "Because the bottom line is, you've put so much of yourself and so many years of your life into what you're doing. The greatest tragedy would be if nobody noticed."


Um, well, we actually think a greater tragedy would be if nobody noticed that you said that, Kath, because the thing is, all pretty girls need to know that there is actually one thing in life that is actually harder, we've found, for them to achieve.

It is: Not turning into an insufferable narcissist. Or at least creating the verisimilitude that you aren't an insufferable narcissist. (Like that word? We're probably using it incorrectly, but we're trying to appeal to you because we realize you are so smart.) It's tough when you're as beautiful and willowy as you are a genius writer, but one tip might be to maybe write about something other than yourself.


Further Ruminations On "Hot Young Chick Author" Syndrome [GalleyCat]

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@wornribbon: What secret? Nobody's as witty as they fucking want to be. So what? I'm passably funny around here, so what does it matter? Plenty of people use recurring/not-so-orginal jokes in the comments all the time, it's kinda not a big deal. For every gold-star-worthy comment somebody makes, there are about 12 duds. Pointing an old joke out in a completely unrelated situation makes you look like a freak with a chip on your shoulder.

I never said or did anything to you on this thread. YOU brought ME up out of nowhere to rag on me for no reason. You're just being an asshole b/c you have something against me. Which, considering that I'm just some random stranger on the internet, is pretty fucking pathetic.