Dear New York Times "Styles" section reporter Eric Wilson: We've said it before, but we love you. You should blog all the time! Forget that fussy "newspaper reporter" bullshit! Because you are funny! And like us, you enjoy a bit of gossip. And we can't thank you enough for sharing the following exchange between designers John Galliano and Marc Jacobs you observed while having lunch at the Mercer Hotel last week :
"Hi, John!" Mr. Jacobs exclaimed. "How are you doing?"
"Good, nice to see you," Mr. Galliano said. "Oh, you've gone a little darker, I see."
"Navy!" Mr. Jacobs said. "Na-vy."
"Oh, that would be a little chicer," Mr. Galliano said. "Indigo!"
"Well, if you ever feel like having tea or coffee, I'm sort of bedridden for a few days, so I can't move far," Mr. Jacobs said. "I had an operation."
"Oh really?"
"Sex change."
Thank you for making our lifetime, Eric Wilson. [NYT]